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The main focus of “Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa” is to develop the pipes, pump and valves industry not only in South Africa but aims to develop the industry in all Southern African countries. Training is the the main driving force in the development of the Pump and Valves Industry in Southern Africa focusing on Pump Systems as well as Seals, Electric Motors, Couplings and Drives.


‚ÄčPamodzi delivers quality time and again

Local pump manufacturers can, and do, keep company with the best in the world. Not only do products measure up quality-wise, but keeping it local often also makes sense from a cost and operational point of view. 

FLSmidth’s warehousing facility keeps mines productive

Optimising customers’ production and maximising their return on investment is the ongoing mission of the well-resourced FLSmidth’s warehousing facility in Stormill, west of Johannesburg.

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Most common ways water is wasted

South Africa is among the more water-stressed countries in the world. It has abundant
water resources in some areas, but many parts receive rainfalls well below average.

Saving energy one valve at
a time

Considering the huge amount of energy required to move water, it is no surprise that
energy efficiency remains one of the hottest topics in the pump and valve sector.
Delivering solutions that save on energy usage remains the focus of much original
equipment manufacturer's research and development departments. Pipes, Pumps &
Valves Africa looks at one such development from A.R.I.

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