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The main focus of “Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa” is to develop the pipes, pump and valves industry not only in South Africa but aims to develop the industry in all Southern African countries. Training is the the main driving force in the development of the Pump and Valves Industry in Southern Africa focusing on Pump Systems as well as Seals, Electric Motors, Couplings and Drives.


Sep-Oct 2019

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Jul-Aug 2019

Transducer Technology are experts in flow, level

& pressure measurement & control

Established in 1983, Transducer Technology has grown into a focussed and specialised instrumentation company offering an extensive and diverse range of
products to meet the application requirements across industry sectors. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa found out more about this company.

The life of any centrifugal
pump is based mainly on
the lubrication

Don’t ever underestimate the importance thereof, says Andreas Vandré, Flowserve Regional Manager Educational Service EMA. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa finds out more. At least 43% of all ball bearing failures can be attributed to lubrication issues.


May-Jun 2019

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Mar-Apr 2019

Jan-Feb 2019


Reading a centrifugal
pump curve does not have
to be a daunting task

According to Andreas Vandré, Flowserve Regional Manager Educational Service EMA. On a recent visit to South Africa he explained the process to Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa. Knowing how to read pump curves are essential for the health of any pump system. According to Vandré it is all
about finding the best efficiency point. Running too far out on the curve or in some cases too far back will ultimately result in poor pump performance, but it can also damage a pump.

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KREBS® pumps are continuing to dominate in the African mining sector across a range of commodity types and in various applications, including in the mill discharge and the dense media circuit. KREBS® slurry pumps have become leaders in mill discharge
applications in Africa, with the latest Ultimate Mill Discharge (UMD) pump leading the way in these heavy-duty applications.


Nov-Dec 2018

Sep-Oct 2018

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